The Greater Collective: A Leadership Course with a Social Twist

Using our 20 years of experience at Google, we have developed a leadership program with a twist – we connect individuals, businesses and not for profit organisations with a shared purpose and real-world problem to solve. Our unique approach to social responsibility and learning rapidly builds leadership capability, fosters trust and teamwork, and makes a real difference to the not-for-profits at its core.

The benefits are multi-dimensional

Issued by Deakin University

Professional Practice Credential

ThinkChangeGrow in collaboration with DeakinCo University provides personal and professional development with independent and valid confirmation of your new capability uplift. Develop your leadership knowledge and formally confirm your capability to apply it in your professional environment. Learn more.

Who we work with

Download our Greater Collective brochure to have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Be part of a community that harnesses the power of the collective

Use your skills to solve real-world problems for the greater good. This ‘Leadership-in-Context’ experience puts you in the thick of solving a real board-level challenge for a charity.

No fake scenarios
No made-up problems
No pretending

Discover your own authentic leadership style

Empower an open & innovative team culture

Solve real-world challenges

Guest Speakers at The Greater Collective

Daniel Murray

Social Change Agent at Empathic Consulting

Cathy Robinson

CEO at The Observership Program

Prof. Stuart Diamond

Negotiations Expert

Gauri Bhalla

Educator at TEDxSydney

Steve Mansfield

Google Transformation Lead

Richard Wolstenholme

Industry Leader, Google

Johan du Plessis and Melissa Fuller

Co-Founders AbilityMate

Jess Scully

Curator, Vivid Ideas

Who we are

Our names are Hiam Sakakini & Monika Gisler and we are the Co-Founders of ThinkChangeGrow. We draw on a combined 20 years of experience at Google, helping people reach their full leadership potential through powerful learning experiences.