Leadership Impact

What Impact does The Greater Collective have on your leadership skills?

Whenever we run the Greater Collective, we measure impact in leadership skills by asking participants to rate their confidence level before and after attending our program. We combined the surveys from our last four programs and checked the uplift for 'very confident' and 'confident' and here are the results:

Long-term Impact

We accompanied one of our cohorts for several months and surveyed them three times: before the course started, shortly after the course ended and 5 months after the course ended. Again, we looked at how confident participants felt in the core skills which we were teaching in our program and wanted to test the long-term impact of our program. To our satisfaction, participants felt even more confident in their leadership skills, five months after attending the program: we recorded an uplift up to 26%!

Hear what our participants have had to say:


  • I was able to gain a better understanding of different personality types and how best to manage individual preferences when proposing ideas.
  • Meeting and working with people that have very different backgrounds and experience from day to day work - I learned more from the unfamiliarity and being forced to jump in to it.
  • Simple techniques for giving effective feedback¬†in the moment
  • Seeing how important diverse thoughts are and how to get the most from a diverse team.




  • I feel more driven to take team members with me on a journey to produce a work product and am championing diversity of skills and capabilities whenever I can.
  • Actually feeling like I have something to offer as a leader
  • I can influence others by speaking passionately and with conviction.
  • I feel more confident as a leader in my workplace.



  • It was simply amazing and I wish I could be involved in more projects like this! Thank you very much for this fantastic journey!
  • It was a truly valuable experience. I have had a lot of difficulty with confidence and feeling unworthy of being a leader. I honestly now feel like I can step up more, and that I do have a contribution to make as a leader.
  • I highly recommend engaging in the Greater Collective Leadership course! The unique opportunity to assist an NGO with a real-life problem was also a highlight along with meeting all of the participants, guest speakers and facilitators.
  • This was a great experience I got a lot out of being a part of the greater collective.