Professional Practive Credentials

Developing & Recognising Your Leadership Capability

ThinkChangeGrow and DeakinCo. Have developed an innovative model aimed at your development and recognition.

The model is very simple.

As you go through The Greater Collective experience you will be building evidence of your leadership capability and developing your reflective skills. As the final part of the program, you will submit this evidence and complete a testimony process as part of the Deakin Professional Practice Credential evaluation process.

When this evaluation is completed, you will be awarded a Credential and if you have chosen and satisfied it to Master’s level, you will have completed a part of the Deakin Professional Practice higher education degree in Leadership – either a Graduate Certificate or a Masters*.

Professional practice degrees at DeakinCo

Deakin University is enhancing its educational offering with these innovative Professional Practice degrees to better meet the future world of work. Through a combination of professional practice credentialing and coursework units, students gain a qualification sooner, and at a reduced cost.


What are Professional Practice credentials?
Deakin’s Professional Practice credentials offer a new way to recognise the skills and knowledge you’ve developed through work and learning. Credentials enable you to warrant your expertise to employers. Credentials recognise core employability skills, such as communication and problem-solving, to leadership and technical knowledge like data analytics and customer experience. are a measure of your capability at this point in time. This is based on your experience and responsibility level to date. Read more here
How does it work?
Attend The Greater Collective and build leadership skills and experiences Choose a level (see last Q&A question) and build your submission as you go. Submit your credential & receive your credential If the Credential is completed at Master’s level, you are on the way to a qualification in Leadership!*   * subject to satisfying Deakin University requirements for the award of a qualification
How do credentials work?
Credentialling isn’t about attending lectures, tutorials or taking in new information. Instead, it’s all about showcasing your skills and knowledge you already have. Earning credentials is a four-step process:
  1. Reflect on your experience and collect your evidence
  2. Write your reflective testimony
  3. Undertake a video testimony
  4. Submission is assessed
What are the criteria at Masters level?
  • Criterion 1. You monitor global trends and initiate any adjustments to the organisation’s strategic options and opportunities.
  • Criterion 2. You scope out and consolidate future plans for the function or organisation.
  • Criterion 3. You communicate a compelling vision and sense of the organisation’s future potential to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Criterion 4. You lead the successful execution of a strategy that delivers agreed outcomes.
  • Criterion 5. You work within and outside the organisation to establish systems and the capability required to optimise strategic outcomes.
What are the criteria at Post-Grad & Bachelors level?

Pre –Masters aligned, AQF 8

  • Criterion 1. You scan the external environment to identify and prepare the organisation for specific opportunities or challenges.
  • Criterion 2. You champion the organisation’s vision and purpose.
  • Criterion 3. You contribute to the governance or review of functional results.
  • Criterion 4. You create and align work structures, systems and resources to better achieve objectives.
  • Criterion 5. You prioritise resource allocation to support planned outcomes, overcome obstacles or respond to new opportunities.

Bachelors Aligned AQF 7

  • Criterion 1. You scan the environment to isolate operational priorities and goals that support the organisation’s strategic outcomes.
  • Criterion 2. You manage responses to risks, issues and opportunities.
  • Criterion 3. You set plans, allocate responsibilities and drive performance to achieve the required operational outcomes or overcome any setbacks.
  • Criterion 4. You regularly evaluate progress and initiate adjustment to improve results.
  • Criterion 5. You respond in a systematic and considered manner to deal with obstacles and achieve or exceed goals or expectations.
WIth which courses at DeakinCo does the collaboration with ThinkChangeGrow align?
How can I join The Greater Collective?
You are the right place. Either join directly using this online sign-up form or you  can contact the team from the Greater Collective via email or give them a call on +61 291 887 803
Do you have more questions? Download the ThinkChangeGrow & Deakin –Developing & recognising your leadership capability brochure: